NAHETS Oklahoma School Published in American Crane & Transport Magazine

The Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC), a NAHETS institution, was published in the May issue of the American Crane & Transport Magazine. Previously Wade Vakulick, director of industry relations and safety, contacted American Crane & Transport and invited them to visit the OCC campus to gather material for their upcoming May issue, which deals with crane operator safety and training. Although the site visit ended up not working out, American Crane & Transport called Wade and held a phone interview. The content of the interview is published in the article.

The article is entitled, “How safe is safe?” and focuses on crane safety and training . . .

Crane Safey &  Training

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  1. candy

    I know that everybody wants to be safe and want their relatives to be safe to, all parents desire is to send their kids to school and know that they’re going to be safe in there, but that’s is not the case right now. That’s why I think that is was good that the OCC campus invited


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