Flying the Flag For NAHETS

As of June 2005, Wade Vakulick was an Instructor for the Oklahoma College of Construction (OCC) . In August of the same year, he was appointed Chief Instructor. A year later…he was in Iraq. In July of 2006, Wade was contacted by his Air National Guard unit. They notified him that he was to be… Read more »

Lift and Access Finds NAHETS.

On July 11, 2007 Matt Klabacka, President and Co-Founder of The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETS), received an unexpected phone call from Erin Whitehead, the Associate Editor for Lift and Access magazine, requesting information to write an article on NAHETS. Klabacka, who was very excited about the phone call, was curious to… Read more »

Northern California College of Construction Opens Doors

During World War II, Rough and Ready Island was a naval base and the central communications point for all of the armed services. As of 2004, the Port of Stockton took over most of the area and designated it as a redevelopment area. Today, Rough and Ready is also a commercial port that ships raw… Read more »

NAHETS Internet Manager’s “Blast!” Off To Tokyo

Three…two…one “Blast!” off!   The Internet Manager for the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, Mike Wille, flew in to Tokyo, Japan on July 21, 2007. However, he is not there to develop websites or work on flash programming; he is there to play the trombone and percussion. Since its opening in London of… Read more »

African American Construction Heritage

Black History encompasses many recognizable people, events, and accomplishments. Martin Luther King…Michael Jordan…Rosa Parks…the list goes on; however, there is a significant heritage to black history that takes a back seat to many of these popular and more-exposed subjects. That heritage is construction. Harry C. Alford, co-founder and CEO of the National Black Chamber of… Read more »