Nevada Campus visited by U.S. Department of Interior

On May 2, 2007, the Nevada School of Construction and NAHETS Corporate offices hosted a visit by members of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Lynn Forcia, Division Chief of the Office of Indian Energy & Economic Development-Division of Workforce Development, as well has two of her colleagues, Jody LeCompte-Garrison and Francis Dunne, were taken… Read more »

Step Forward in Construction Crane Safety

Last November a 210 foot crane collapsed in Bellevue, WA and killed a man, causing heavy damage to three buildings in the process. It was considered “one of the worst construction disasters in state history.” This accident is the catalyst for new crane safety rules and guidelines. The need for standardization in crane and heavy… Read more »

Accidents Plague Construction Industry

In the last few weeks numerous accidents have been reported involving construction sites and heavy equipment. Some have resulted in deaths, others in injuries, and fortunately some in neither. However, the concerns of safety and monetary costs are undoubtedly at threat in all incidents. In Darwin, Australia two families barely escaped injury and possible death… Read more »

200 Ton Crane Topples Over

NAHETS places emphasis on being aware of significant events related to safety within the heavy equipment and construction industries. Monday night a 200-ton crane fell over at an Aventura Mall construction site in Miami. Surprisingly, only one worker was injured, suffering a broken leg, which was caused when the crane hit the worker. Reporters say… Read more »

Shorter Programs are No Bologna

A student once asked me why he should attend our 3-week program, when he could attend a similar program for four weeks. My answer was to the point: if a school forces you to attend longer than necessary to learn the skills necessary for employment, then they are not serving their student population. On the… Read more »