Why Third Party

Safety.  Efficiency.  Risk Management.  These are key terms and concepts throughout the construction, energy, and mining industries.  Each stakeholder in the process—supervisors, employers, general contractors, insurers, clients, and end users—depends on the skills and knowledge of the operators.  Accidents, inefficiency, and sub-standard work increase costs and reduce quality.  Responsible parties are obligated to ensure that… Read more »

Caterpillar Funding Courses at Five Universities

As the construction pace picks up worldwide the industry is looking for ways to find and train qualified operators and laborers. SIX engineering scholarships at the University of Nottingham are to be funded by a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment

Oregon jobless rate declines

The state added far more manufacturing jobs than expected, helping a drop in unemployment to 8 percent Oregon’s unemployment rate fell to 8 percent in April, down from 8.2 percent in March, as employers added jobs for the seventh month in a row, the state Employment Department said Tuesday. Employers added 3,700 jobs in April…. Read more »

NAHETS Rolls Out “ADEPT” Operator Certification

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Services (NAHETS) recently introduced the ADEPT (Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing) Certification. The ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator Certification is designed to measure the knowledge and skills of an operator against industry and regulatory standards and expectations using a validated and transparent certification process. NAHETS offers ADEPT Heavy Equipment Operator… Read more »

Construction News: Manitex Shows off 70 Ton Truck Mounted Crane

Manitex Unveils 70-Ton Truck-Mounted Crane Manitex, Inc. has unveiled its newest truck-mounted telescopic crane, the 70-ton TC700. The crane is specifically designed to be used on commercial carriers, allowing operators quickly travel to and between job sites. Once on the job, the TC700′s ROC radio outrigger controls, swing-out outrigger design, on-board outrigger pads, and remote… Read more »