New Lock to Combat Construction Thefts

Local construction companies in the Idaho Falls area are victims to thefts that cause thousands of dollars in losses. On a nationwide level, construction theft is believed to be a multi-billion dollar problem. In opposition to these thefts, Joe Anderson, owner of Anderson Manufactures Incorporated, has designed a new lock that is expected to threaten… Read more »

Recycling Yields Construction Material

Downtown Diversion is a 13-acre facility in the Los Angeles area that recycles construction material waste in order to create new construction material. Instead of lining landfills with a surplus of asphalt, lumber, concrete, drywall, metal, cardboard, and other material, the facility recycles what it can from this waste, preserving both the environment and the… Read more »

Thieves on the Loose!

Police in Salt Lake City recently broke open a construction equipmenttheft crime ring. It is reported that the men caught typically were employed as construction workers during the day, and spent their nights stealing heavy equipment. Policeman further reported that many thieves raid construction sites to pay for drug habits. Dave Broadhead of the Salt… Read more »

Living the “High” Life

May 6, 2007 Gainseville, GA Crane operator Larry Welsh is your everyday kind of guy. He works, has a family, and attends church. The fact that Welsh spends 9-12 hours a day operating his crane would appear normal as well. Except he is 190 feet in the air when he does it. Everyday for the… Read more »

Simlog President tours NAHETS Corporate Office

Paul Freedman, President of Simlog, visited the headquarters for NAHETS, the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, on Monday April 23, 2007. Freedman was awarded an associate membership in NAHETS and wasnpresented with a plaque from NAHETS president, Matt Klabacka. Freedman granted an interview regarding the significance of simulators in the training of… Read more »