Executive Decision Not to Undress Girl with Crane

Today as president of NAHETS, I informed my staff that NAHETS will not be involved any form of heavy equipment sensationalism. Recently someone from a major national TV network (or an affiliated group) contacted one of our NAHETS member schools, Nevada School of Construction, and requested information regarding the ability of our instructional staff in… Read more »

2006 Year End Summary, Letter from Matt

Well here we are in 2007 with a wealth of change and excitement in front of us. Last year was a year of major changes for our organization. This venture literally began over a trash can in my front yard. Hmmm? Let’s go back to the beginning. OK, so there was this guy Adam and… Read more »

March 6, 2007 Update

From the desk of Matt Klabacka, NAHETS president, “Yesterday we experienced the largest enrollment in history at our Las Vegas campus. Our campus president Debra Forbush is to be complimented on her teams efforts of the last enrollment period. Debra has been with the Nevada School of Construction from the beginning on April 19, 2004…. Read more »

Nahets Gets Published

On Monday March 5, 2007 NAHETS received their first official published news article in the Las Vegas Business Press. According to Matt Klabacka, President of NAHETS, “This is a very exciting time for NAHETS. We see our association at the forefront of the heavy equipment training industry, and this first publication is a big deal… Read more »

Building and maintaining ice roads in Ontario’s Far North

Building and maintaining ice roads in Ontario’s Far North By NICK STEWART It may be swamp and muskeg through the summer months, but as temperatures start to drop, the Far North landscape is transformed by a community-owned company into a winter road for businesses and area residents alike. Typically open from Jan. 15 through March… Read more »