Unemployment Needs a Super Hero

WOW! The U.S. job market is broken, and some government employees think it is a joke. How can we lift the spirits of the unemployed? According to Gary J. Earl, give them a super hero capes. Via the Associated Press, Florida officials are investigating an unemployment agency that spent public money to give 6,000 superhero… Read more »

Six Children Killed by Runaway Moble Crane in Tokyo

Six Children Killed by Runaway Moble Crane in Tokyo Six children have been killed near Tokyo after they were hit by a mobile crane while walking to school. The tragic accident occurred this morning in Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, the children – five boys and a girl – included three nine year olds,… Read more »

Can You Believe This?

In an 8-1 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled the First Amendment protects the rights of a fundamentalist Christian church to use anti-military slurs near fallen troops’ funerals. The court’s vote for Westboro Baptist Church lets stand a lower court decision that tossed out a judgment against the church for picketing the service of a Maryland… Read more »